Car repairs & Restoration
A unique not for profit organisation which facilitates the supporting of small craft based business and community groups at the same time where both groups of people share the need for the same workshop facilities, tools and equipment. A collabortion of creativity of like minded people.
Anyone is welcome to come and use the facilities whether it is for a business or whether you would like to simply try out a hobby like throwing a pot or using woodworking tools to make something for your home. We also have metal working equipment in the car restoration club but you could equally use it to make something in metal if you wish; all at affordable hourly, half day or daily rates.
The 'Community' aspect of our values is a 'First Ever!' community workshop that brings together the needs of commercial businesses and the needs of those who have some disadvantages and require training in new skils to regain confidence or to move to new vocations due to a change in circumstanses.
This may include people recovering from mental health issues, people with disabilities, vulnerable individuals or those out of work and wanting to learn new skills or crafts.
At Dorset Community Workshop there are opportunities for everyone depending on their level of competence. For those ready to work full time we have individual car workshop units to rent on a monthly basis, we have individual self contained units suitble for woodwork or other craft based businesses; we also have offices which can be used for an office based business or that could even be utilised as an Art / Photography studio.
For those wanting to learn or practice skills we have the shared reseource areas for woodwork, pottery and car repairs which can be used on an hourly basis.
Also for training and work experience we have programmes where you can join in with activities taking place throughout the workshops, this may be for Dorset Community Workshop in taking part in the creation of new facilities , maintenance and improvements to the building, it could be a team car restoration project or it may be an opportunity to assist one of the resident businesses within Dorset Community Workshop.
We want everyone who comes to Dorset Community Workshop to feel comfortable, welcome and at ease knowing that you are in a friendly supportive enviroment.
This community idea came to me out of learning I will not be able to have children. A particularly hard blow for me personally! As i began to accept it I found myself becoming unattached to the tools and equipment I had spent my lifetime investing in and began to think of how I could share what i have with others who would appreciate it. My desire to want to help those who have mental health struggles comes from my own long battle to overcome PTSD and have an understanding and empathy that i hope can help me help others. I have 20+ years of Building experience and am a craftsman when it comes to detail work such as tiling, decorating and joiney and will enjoy the opportunity to share my skills and knowledge with others.
Everyone involved is aware we will have visitors who may need a bit of support, encouraagement or some instruction and we want you to know that it is perfectly ok to ask any of our resident businesses for help if you get stuck. If they cant help you they will help you find someone who can. Please remember that this is a community project and we want everyone to treat each other as friends as this will make our workshop a really fantastic place to come and enjoy!